Liquid CBD Report, the sister company of Alpha Street Media, brings well over 20 years experience to the table. I decided to start Liquid CBD Report, specializing in CBD and Cannabis Companies, to provide them with cutting edge marketing and investor relations. My name is Michael Hall, I’m a former prop-trader, my trading experience on a professional level gives me an edge compared to others. In addition, I’m a Social Media ‘guru’ delivering on real corporate exposure to the investing marketplace. Below is just a sampling of what we can over you. We build each campaign based on client needs.

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Digital media
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Fox business TV
  • NASDAQ studio interviews
  • Project funding
  • and more

Are you lacking awareness? Do you need to increase your shareholder base? Is your stock viewed as ‘illiquid’? Or are you just looking to augment your existing market? We can help you for a reasonable price, no fillers. Reach out to us to discuss a game plan for your company.